Is Flirting Appropriate In Catholic Dating?

As a single girl, you may be hoping to find someone to share your life with. How do you let a guy know that you are interested in them without being over the top? In American society, the term flirting is often used to refer to the way that girls use sexual gestures to show someone they are interested in them. That is not appropriate when you are a practicing Catholic. When it comes to Catholic dating, how can you show interest in someone, and flirt, appropriately?
Check out the following tips that can help you to flirt with someone in a proper manner. 
  1. Make Eye Contact: Eye contact is one of the strongest influences on whether anyone approaches you. If you do not make eye contact with them, they will have no way of knowing you want them to talk to you. Simple catch his gaze and offer a soft smile. That is all it takes to appropriately single that you would like to meet the other person.
  2. Smiling: As mentioned, a soft smile is enough to show your interest, but it does not always have to be from afar. When you are talking to the person you are interested in, smile. It may even come naturally! Your smile is contagious and soon you both will be smiling. This interaction is gentle enough to be appropriate, but still lets the other person know that you want to get to know them.
  3. Soft touches matter: Another way to show someone that you are interested in them is to offer small, but appropriate touches. For example, perhaps you are working on a project together for your church. As you hand a paper to him, touch his arm gently. These soft touches are not stimulating in an inappropriate manner, but they are enough to signal your interest in the other person. 
Flirting Appropriately
It is important to remember your promise to God when it comes to attracting other people to yourself. You do not want to do anything that is inappropriate in terms of flirting. Anything that you do should be none sexual in nature. Rather, it should be small things showing your interest. If you are unsure if something is appropriate, it probably is not. 
Of course, it is not uncommon for a girl to approach a guy and let them know that they would like to see them more often. For example, you could approach someone and ask him or her to work on a project with you for the church. On the other hand, you may feel more comfortable asking them to grab a cup of coffee. In either case, you are keeping the date completely appropriate for even friends.
Can a single Catholic girl flirt? The answer to that question is yes and they can do so without worrying about dishonoring himself or herself or God. Keep in mind that not all types of flirting are appropriate, especially in American society. Yet, there is nothing wrong with letting another person know you are interested in learning more about them.

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